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Kafkas is the story of a flavor which dates back to 1930.Ali Şakir Tatveren, the company’s founder, brought the unique taste of candied chestnuts to Bursa, and thus shared both his knowledge and experience concerning the production of confectionery for the first time in Bursa with the Bursa inhabitants. As wide areas of the city of Bursa were covered with chestnut trees, in the course of time, also the history of the chestnut became mentioned in the same breath with the history of the city of Bursa, and Bursa loomed large in the development of the chestnut culture.

In the early stages, Ali Şakir Tatveren founded a small-scale business where he managed his confectionery work with accuracy, and where he manufactured quality products. In doing so, he cleared the way fort he today’s Kafkas company to be a well-known brand in the production of candied chestnuts.

The secret of this flavor was passed on within the family from generation to generation, and the production which had been made using traditional methods, was – in the course of time transformed into an industrial-scale production.Currently, Kafkas is continuing its presence on the market as a family company.